February 27, 2008

The Great Catchup

What an amazingly busy last two weeks! Here is a brief run-down.

1. Two weekends ago, I had a wonderful time at Scrapbowl and I still have not had time to finish my class projects or take a photo of the one mini book I made during the crop. I really will get to that.

2. We have had such weird weather this year - and last week was no exception. One windy day, a huge limb from a neighbor's tree crashed down across Dave's horseshoe pits. Jacob has forbidden us from removing it, as it landed in perfect fort formation.

3. Late again, I finished an article on flocking for Scrapjazz, which will appear in a few weeks. It is a neat technique, but very messy. My desk is covered in little black fuzzies, hence the delay in finishing projects from number 1. I need to clean up the flock.

4. I am still working on the remodel of Jacob's bathroom. I am in the final stages of painting the vanity and then I will share pictures.

5. And probably the best part of the last two weeks was a birthday trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. We took two of Jacob's buddies and my friend Maggie came with her family. Everyone had such a fun time playing in the waterpark and arcade - such an amazingly fun family place! If you have one near you - I highly recommend a visit!


Leslie said...

there's a Great Wolf Lodge being built down in Grapevine, TX. My mom was showing it to me online last night! It looks fabulous!

Di said...

That's the CUTEST pic of Jacob!
Yay about the "fort"!!!!