February 1, 2008

Happy Groundhog's Day!

We'll have to wait a few hours to know the forecast - but I am hoping Phil sees his shadow. It feels like we haven't even had winter yet this year. I would really love some snow (and some snow days!) For any of my Punxsy friends and family that are trekking up to the Knob this year - have fun, stay warm and encourage him to spot that shadow!

I spent last evening making dozens of groundhog cookies for Jacob's class and to take to work today. My new little mini groundhog cutter made the cutest ginger snap type cookies, but my favorite will always be the these medium size ones with the cinnamon heart!

A night of cooking would not be complete without my own shadow. That would be Echo - almost fully grown now and constantly under my feet crying for food and attention. He is most definitely part Siamese! He also has a purr box that could rival any Harley Davidson.

A new month also means a new banner - this one was a simple stock illustration, title font is Undecapped Vinyl. The border is a polaroid border from Lazar Studiowerx that I altered some. I also used a Virtual Photographer action to make the whole image a little grainy.


Louise Maine said...

We have actually had quite enough winter - so hush! Happy Groundhog Day!

Amy Coose said...

I'm with you...I want some winter! I'll be at scrapbowl, ready for some serious cropping! Thanks for the comments on my pages. :)

Leslie said...

I immediately thought of you when I realized it was Groundhog's day this morning. I couldn't forget your posts about it! Hopr you get a little more winter that truely feels wintery!
Happy Groundhog's Day Jen!

Di said...

Happy G-hog day to you!
LOVE your banner!
Kisses on that cute kitty!

Cassandra said...

Where did you find your groundhog cookie cutter? Adorable!

Tammy said...

I absolutely love the new banner! It ROCKS!

Echo is a beautiful cat! Love those eyes!

Lorna Arlett said...

hi, will call, have much to talk about.But just wanted to say hello.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, Is it bad that I don't even know if he saw his shadow or not? I was painting all day or was at work... wow this month has been crazy and it's only the 6th :) Jennie