March 4, 2008

Food Checker

A typical question at 6:00 pm on weeknights from Dave is "What are we having for dinner?" (he makes dinner almost every night during the week) Sometimes, it is emphasized by a heavy sigh or a significant pause. My immediate suggestion of dining out is always met enthusiastically. Tonight's restaurant winner was Fuddruckers, a favorite milkshake hamburger place.

After we ate, Jacob went to get his kids meal cookie for Dave, because he didn't want it. It seemed to be taking awhile, so Dave peered around the corner and started to grin. Jacob was walking from the front, munching on the cookie. By the time he got back to the table, it was only half of a cookie. He set it down on the table, stating that he was making sure it wasn't poisoned. He then declared it safe for Dave to consume. Dave, of course, was thankful he has a personal food checker.

A few scrappy things to share.

A layout I hand stitched during the Superbowl.

Yes, it took me the entire game to do the two borders - mostly during commercials or when it was too painful to watch. There may even be a little blood on the layout, caused by the needle when I was stitching and watching at the same time.

The other image is a little sneek peek at a layout I did for Scrapjazz's April Sketch article. Isn't that the cutest little bird stamp? It is from Imaginisce's For Peeps Sake collection (cute stuff!) and I colored it with watercolor crayons. The matching rub-ons perfect for Easter and Spring, too!


Leslie said...

that LO is great. You have more patience than I do to handstitch. But I do like the look of the whole thing...a great one to eventually lift! That bird stamp is so cute.

Tammy said...

i cant believe you hand stitched that! crazy girl! It looks great though!
I love imaginisce products! Very cute layouts!

Lorna Arlett said...

I love your layout! and that bird, is adorable, I will have to get one!

Paula said...

The LO is gorgeous Jen - I love handstitching on layouts, for some reason I find it quite relaxing LOL. Can't wait for the full view of the sneak peek - it looks awesome so far :)

Jennifer said...

Such a witty boy you have there. :) Love the layout. Would have liked to see you incorporate some of the blood into it though. ;)