March 8, 2008

Photo Play

I watched this great little tutorial last week on this blog. I had to play with some photos to see how the technique would look with my photos. Here are the originals, taken about a year ago in Orlando:

I pulled some texture photos from Flickr, per the suggestion of the tutorial. I found that they were not large photos, so I am not sure how the print quality would be. If that is important to you, you might want to look around more for higher resolution images. I did a search at iStockphoto for texture backgrounds, and the results came back with almost 100,000 images! They are $3-5 for a good sized image, but some projects are worth the investment!

Here are my results with the Flickr photos, all done in just three to five minutes of play time each. I also took a stock image I had from and used it on the same palm image (last photo).

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Jennifer said...

Those looks really cool. Yet another website for me to waste time on. Thanks!