March 9, 2008

Vintage Easter

Last Friday, I had the happy occasion of getting together with my friend Dana and her daughter for lunch and a little shopping. We went to Paper Source and a little store called Decorium in Old Town Alexandria near where I work. Of course, I spent more money than I should have, on some stamps and Ugly Doll stuff for Jacob.

I received a wonderful little bag of goodies from Dana, to include vintage photo frames and some old French paper. But my favorite was this Dear Friends treasure. Isn't it cute? And inside the box it is perched on is a little wooden heart. Thanks, Dana!

One of the best things from the afternoon was spotting this Easter card from Mina Lee Studio, which I used as inspiration to create a vintage card for my mother in law.

I found a photo of Dave, his sister and brother. It is taken in front of their house, and I assume it is on Easter because of the cute gloves and purse on Laura. I love the card so much, I am going to have a hard time putting it in the mail.

And finally, here is one more picture of some of the stuff mentioned above, which a new little rack I purchased at Decorium and and Bunny I found at Home Goods. I dressed him up a little with some ribbon and pink glitter in his inner ears.


Dana said...

I love your card....much much better than the one at PS!!! Maybe you should quit your job and go into the card create awesome ones! Let's get together again real soon!

Dianne said...

Those are the CUTEST Easter things!!!!!!

Lorna Arlett said...

you have inspired me! love all the easter stuff. The card is beautiful!

Amy Coose said...

LOVE the bunnies, and the easter card is fabulous. She's going to love it.

Leslie said...

that card is adorable! I love how you lifted it. She will love that.

Jennifer said...

That card is awesome. Amazing use of inspiration. And your Easter finds are too cute. :)