March 18, 2008

What makes the world go round?

My answer? The internet.
Seriously, how did we live before the internet?

My connection went down last week when I was in Cleveland. Poor Dave had to get grilled by me as I was trying to determine the issue. (turns out it was a driver issue)

I was lost for almost a week. Do you know HOW MANY times a day I think "let me look that up online." I had no idea how dependent I have become on the internet. (and a huge thanks to Chris for helping me get the problem fixed)

On the bright side, my house got clean. I did a little scrapbooking. I read a book and some magazines. I played Wii with Jacob. I finished distressing/painting my bathroom cabinets and bought some cute accessories. (Jacob's current favorites - monkeys). I went out for Margaritas with Maggie. Now that I read all of that, perhaps I should be without internet more often.

Now for some bathroom details. I didn't want too many monkeys. (who does, really?) I bought shower curtain rings, washclothes, and the tumbler. The rest of the stuff is this nice bronze collection. They go nicely together. And as soon as "I" get the towel bar installed, I will take final pictures of the remodel.

I leave you with the layout I did of an older photo of my two guys. Basic Grey papers with Doodlebug rub-ons and my own *gasp* handwriting.


Louise Maine said...

I agree. I cannot live without it. Currently my teaching involves 24/7 technology. We use no textbooks and even the kids publish online - 99% love it and so do I.

Ryan is just as savvy. He problem solves, is a whiz at searches and even planned out our anniversary dinner through the Internet (he planned and cooked it by himself).

Sometimes I want to be without it but most of the time am completely lost.

Jennifer said...

I bet Jacob's bathroom looks awesome! Can't wait for more pics.

And I can't imagine life without the Internet for a week. Glad you lived to tell about it. ;)