May 23, 2008

Pink and Packed

I am off in the morning for my annual convention in Orlando this year. A year of planning is over - now is the real test. Can we cram 4,350 people in to the Marriott World Center and manage to educate and entertain them? I hope so!

I bought some new luggage as the bags I had last year were destroyed by the oh-so-careful airline baggage handlers. I love my new set... here is an image I found online. Yes, they are pretty and pink.

And just so that you are too concerned about me while I am gone, I'll leave you with a picture of the pool, which I hope to visit at least twice! (once for sun and one for our poolside party.)

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend. I hope you find some time to remember the service members that have sacrificed for our freedoms.


Anonymous said...

Is the educate and entertain in priority order? I think it will be a smash! Especially if there's a party room!!!

dianne said...

WOW - that pool looks amazing, don't get a sunburn.
Have fun, then hurry home to us!

Karen said...

Have a great time, Jen! Did you use the pool yet?

Cassandra said...

Hope you had a great time!

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