May 19, 2008

Death of a Dryer

Yesterday's laundry plan was sadly neglected, but very unintentionally. My flippin dryer is dying, so I got all of two loads done. I hate wasting money on new appliances. Still, a little part of me is extremely excited over getting a new front loader washer to go with a new dryer. Man, I can't believe I admitted that in cyberspace.

I did photograph one of the mini books I mentioned.

This was made with a K & Co. mat pack, with chipboard base for cover and back cover. Embellishments are Creative Cafe and K & Co, except all the ribbon, brads, buttons and thread. The big O ring is actually a shower curtain ring.... clever, am I not? When I re-did J's bathroom - it was replaced by the Monkey ones. I have 11 of them left for mini-books!

As for the photos, I have been saving all of my favorite photos of Jacob in a folder, especially ones with his expressions. This one is going on my desk at work. Love this kid.


Jeanette said...

I love new appliances. It's like a new gadget. And now you can purchase washers & dryers in all sorts of colors!

Louise Maine said...

Hmmm...a new washer and dryer! Cool! Can I come and try it out sometime? You know you usually get a clean kitchen with that!

I love the flip book!

dianne said...

I want a new dryer!!!!
Good for you.

And that book ROCKS.

Mo said...

Sorry about your dryer. What a bummer! :(

Fabulous book!!!! GREAT photos!!!!

And, thanks for now making me sing Bryan Adams on the top of my lungs. LOLOL!!!!!

Karen said...

OMG! That books is AMAZING!!!!