July 10, 2008


They say art is in the eye of the beholder.

I say they must be right.

For example, here is a beautiful (at least I think so) card that I made for an upcoming Scrapjazz article. I am thinking it needs a frame.

The monkey below is a new print that Jacob picked out (we got it on canvas) for his new monkey bathroom. Cute, isn't it? It matches the room perfectly.

Then there is the artwork on this site. Wow. I feel the need to redecorate a few rooms around that artwork.

On a side note: I just returned from San Antonio, the site of my convention next year. It is such a romantic city, especially the Riverwalk area. If you have never been there with the love of your life, you need to!


deb said...

I LOVE the card! I love those Penny Black stamps. Thanks for entering our giveaway! :)

Karen said...

Ca-ute!!!! First off, I think that card would make a beautiful piece of artwork and that monkey canvas is just so cute!!!

Cheri Pryor said...

I hope you're not feeling the need after seeing the man in the tutu. Hmmmm. lol!

But I totally love your card! And the monkey print is perfect.

deb said...

You're our winner Jennifer!! Please e-mail me your snail mail! Congrats!

Leslie Herbert said...

Congratualtions Jen on winning! you deserve it!

Mo said...

LOVE that monkey! So CUTE! And your card *is* beautiful! :)