July 14, 2008

Sentimental Journey

I started this album back in January, based on a challenge at the Adorn It blog to scrapbook classic photos. Wow. My college photos are classic. I guess hitting forty also makes me middle aged. Good thing I still have a month to enjoy my youth.

Please note the big hair and fashionable clothing I sported in the late eighties.


Anonymous said...

Jen, I can see Jacob in Dave so much in these pictures... didn't you start this at my last crop get together :)
Love it. Jennie

danasmith said...

I love this book!!! I need to pull out my pictures from UK and Chi O and follow what you did!!!

Leslie Herbert said...

That is sooo cool Jen!
Once again, how do you get sooo much done?!! You are the most amazing woman to me! seriously!
Hugs! I have missed you!

Paula... said...

It must feel good to have finished this. It's such a great little album (LOL I think we all had big hair back then!!)

Mo said...

This is so fabulous! What a treasure!