July 29, 2008

Dear Cyber Friends

If you don't hear from me for a few days, please know that I have died from a Zumba class at the local gym. If I haven't died by tomorrow morning, I at least won't be able to move from my bed.

I am sure I will dream of the gal in front of me tonight with the perfect derriere. I hate her with what would be an intense passion if I could work up the energy. Her moves pushed me to shake, twist, gyrate and shimmy beyond my natural abilities. Still, this sucker and nice ass wannabe will be going back for more on Thursday night, that is if I haven't died.

ps: my ink thumping aticle is now up at Scrapjazz. The technique title makes me giggle a little.


JeanetteS said...

You are hilarious. What we wouldn't do for the perfect derriere. :)

Karen said...

You go Jen!!! I've always wanted to try Zumba. You're going to be the one with the perfect derriere that girls are dying to have SOON!!

Korie B. said...

I'd pay real money if you webcammed your class and posted it on your blog!

Good for you! I'd love to give it a try. I'm just afraid that my old body couldn't handle all that shaking.

dianne said...

Passing you some Advil!!!!!!

Leslie Herbert said...

HAAA! you crack me up Jen! Good for you doing the Zumba!

Your article you did is GREAT too!