August 5, 2008


In the past four days, we have made two trips to Maryland.

We just got back this evening from Elkton, and the funeral for Dave's Nana. His Nana was a beautiful and loving woman, just 82 years young, and I wish I had gotten to know her better. Life is full of regrets, and that will always be one of mine. Please add Dave's family to your thoughts and prayers as they deal with this loss.

Saturday, we drove to Solomons where we played in the water and sun for two days. We found a few fossils and shark teeth at Calvert Cliffs, and Jacob discovered exactly how uncomfortable sand can be in the pants, especially when you have to hike two miles back to the car.

And speaking of the hike, I have a funny Jacob story.

We were hiking down to the cliffs and veered slightly off the trail to see a big turtle in the water (see below.) As we were coming back on to the trail I mentioned to another family that the turtle was there. They did not breathe a word of greeting or thanks - so I said to Dave "I guess manners and politeness are out of style." To which Jacob replied, "Only in New York."

For my New York friends: please do not send nasty notes :) Jacob has never even BEEN to New York, so he must have learned that on television!


Louise Maine said...

Funny and quite the quick wit Jacob has!

We are so sorry to hear about Dave's Nana. Our thoughts are with you. A good reminder to keep as many close as possible.

Karen said...

What a crack-up Jacob is!!! That is too cute!! So sorry to hear about Dave's Nana. You all have been in my prayers.

Korie B. said...

We plan to head out to Calvert Cliffs on Saturday. Any advice??