July 17, 2008

The Next Phase

Go ahead and read it again. Wow. For me, this phrase could not have come at a better time. (Thanks to Jessica Sprague for posting it.) Sometimes, life's challenges suck so bad that you don't know how you will ever get through and back to brighter days. We have all been there, right? But maybe they are what give you strength to change. I like that.
And on a lighter note, Dianne shared this with me today! I am so excited for this movie, because I love the series of books! I can't wait for the new book on August 2.


Leslie Herbert said...

I might just have to read those now! I never really knew what they were about!
I love what you posted from Jessica Sprague, really makes a person think about things they have gone through. Thanks for sharing Jen!

Karen said...

Oh that is inspiring!

Mo said...

Awesome quote! Very thought provoking!