August 29, 2008

Far Away Friends

One of the best parts about my job is being able to get together with friends when I travel for work events. I was able to spend last weekend in Tampa, and got together for a few hours with my friend Karen to shop. (It was very sunny so we were squinty in this picture.)

The highlight of the afternoon (besides seeing her) was going to Ballard Designs and seeing all the catalog yumminess in real life. I didn't buy a single thing, but I did pick up some fabric samples for a desk chair that I have been eyeing.

Last night was also margarita night with my Scraphappy group and we had tons of fun. Isn't it interesting that we got more gals out to happy hour than we usually do for club night? Hmmmm. Thanks to all of them for my birthday goodies!

I know I have been tagged several times and I promise to get to them this weekend. Tonight, I need to Zumba


Leslie Herbert said...

That is a great picture of you and Karen! you both are beautiful!

Karen said...

So glad we got to meet up. Next time it will be longer. Did you ever decide on a fabric?

Cheryl said...

You guys are too cute - great photo! Mmmmm...margarita night is the best! :)

Paula... said...

WOW your margarita nights must be a hoot and now everyone wants "in" :)