August 11, 2008

Spinning into 40

I take back the nice stuff I said about Maggie in the previous post.
She is evil.

Since we are going out tomorrow for margaritas, we have to skip zumba. (awwww)
She convinced me tonight to go to a spinning class instead.
Five minutes in to class I was ready to quit.
The teacher made some comment about the warm up being over.
I didn't hear what she said because of the blood rushing in my head.
Fifteen minutes into class she had us standing up on the bikes.
My legs were shaking and cramping.
She said something about sitting back down and I realized my butt had already found the seat on its own.
I thought the class was 30 minutes and it would be cool down soon.
I could do it.
It was a 45 minute class.
When I can't move in the morning, Maggie is going to bring the wheelchair.

And that, my friends, is how I ended my 39th year.

I also pulled out an old birthday picture and scrapped a page. Yes, that was my Dorothy Hamill haircut. I bet you can tell why Mike and I were often mistaken for twins.


Louise Maine said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to club 40!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birtday Jen!!! I will make it up to you today with some margaritas.

Jenn said...

Happy birthday! :0)

Paula... said...

Happy Birthday Jen!!! Welcome to the 40's club LOL

JeanetteS said...

Welcome to the club. You sure do choose an interesting way to end your 39th year. You still got it in ya!!

Amy Chomas said...

OMG! I tried spinning once, once!!! I hear you, it is HARD!!! And Happy Belated Birthday!