September 6, 2008

Fourth Grade

These pictures are the real deal. What do I mean ? You know, the messy hair, the dirty "goober" on his nose, marker on his fingers. They were taken after school by Dave, so please excuse the fact that there is no cool shot of his entire outfit to include backpack and lunch bag. Which are both camouflage print, of course.

But isn't he rockin' that great shirt? I bought the graphic at because it was so perfect for him. I still plan to make shirts like this for Cafe Press, but I did this one with a transfer. Click on picture to see it better.

I asked him to jot down some stuff about his first week of school. After grumbling about how it felt like homework, he finally complied. This is what he wrote, unedited:

"I like recess the best. because it is fun. I like lunch becaus I am olways hungrey. I like art becaus I like to draw. The rest I don't like so much."

So there you have it. The first week of fourth grade summed up by a typical nine year old boy.


Lorna Arlett said...

Can you believe our babies are in fourth grade? Growing up to fast...... tell Jacob, great nose! call you when I come to town in two weeks!

Heather said...

I'd forgotten that he and Allison were in the same grade! tehehe on his summation. I love it!

Cheri Pryor said...

I LOVE his shirt!!

Recess. Art. Lunch. Guess those 3 r's (readin', ritin', 'rithmatic) are gonna be sufferin' some, eh? lmao!

4th grade boys are dirty. And stinky. And I love them to death. =)

Leslie Herbert said...

He is rockin that shirt! I love that you had it made Jen! I can't believe he is in 4th grade already!