November 21, 2008

Christmas Card Crazy

Before I had Jacob, I used to always mail my cards out the week after Thanksgiving. Does that sound like I am placing the blame for my procrastination on my innocent little boy? I am blaming him. Because before I had Jacob, I didn't scrapbook and make homemade cards like I do now. It is all his fault that I MUST make a hundred pretty cards for friends and family. I MUST take the perfect scrapbook-worthy photo to go in them.

So, I have started my card making already this year thanks to Chris, Stampin' Up and Stamp Club. Two down, ninety eight left to go.
I'll start "thinking" about the perfect photo tomorrow, I promise. Which of course, involves some shopping and haircuts. And I will get them in the mail before December 22, which was when I mailed last year.

ps: The top card uses mailing labels for the background and the other card uses a transparency sheet. E-mail me if you have questions!


Paula... said...

These are gorgeous Jen!!! I'm making my own for the first time this year (I don't usually do cards at all!!), for some reason I felt really enthused. I'm not as good as you though as I'm making mine all the same - easy production line stuff LOL

BTW I've tried replying to one of your emails but Yahoo keeps sending it back saying the user doesn't have a account grrrr! I'm using the yahoo email addy you sent a little while ago :-P

Anonymous said...

So cute!

I'm happy that I got mine done when I was displaced by Hurricane Ike...I just hope I don't forget to mail them!

Cheri Pryor said...

Loving the one with the mailing labels. What a fabulous idea to use those!!!

Lorna Arlett said...

OMG Jen!! I just made a card with the transparency, will have to put it on my blog once I get my computer working properly again. Justin took all the programs out of my computer to fix it and did not put the scanner back!!

C.U. Stampin said...

Those turned out really nicely! Can't wait to see the pic that goes with them!

By the way... you're two cards ahead of me!

Leslie said...

I love the mailing labels one! I'm gonna have to try that! I just cut some of my cardstock last night. Gotta keep on moving with them now!

Becky said...

Very pretty! I can't believe you have 98 more to go! Good Luck!

Leslie Herbert said...

Okay, now I feel like a major slacker, You are so good! love these Jen!

maicher said...