November 25, 2008

Good Loser

That's me - a good loser. Ok, not really.

I remember one time when playing Risk, I was losing the game by ALOT. I dumped the board like a pouty child all over the floor. In my defense, that was at least ten years ago!

Last night I decided to place a little wager on the Capitals vs. Wild game against my friend Deanna. Nothing crazy - although I wanted the wager to be hair dyed the color of the opposing team. Unfortunately, she has to be in the public eye and didn't want to ROCK the RED that way. So, the bet was the loser had to write an ODE to be posted here. Needless to say, the CAPS lost. So here is my "ode" to the Minnesota Wild (and Deanna)
Ode to Deanna and the Wild

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
Or could that be a hockey team?
The game began with so much glee
Thinking about what you would write to me

CAPS CAPS CAPS was on my mind
as the red and green took the ice
That first period score has my CAPS in a bind
Just what kind of name is Cuttlebuck?

(Bet you thought I would rhyme something with that!)
The Wild was tough in period two
For on the sideline injured Federov and Green sat
While thoughts of sugarplums danced in their heads

It was a state of hockey The CAPS were in
The Wild rocked the score with four to zero
But too bad they don’t have an Ovechkin
Just another great Ni(C)klas Backstrom!

The game is over and we lost good and clean
I paid the wager with solid sportsmanship
Would have been easier to dye my hair green
Than spend three hours on this @#!* poem.


Lorna Arlett said...

Hey, just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving!! did not send out cards but I did make them! see my blog!!LOL

Anonymous said...


I'm actually glad you wrote the poem, I think I would have laughed even harder if I saw a picture of you with green hair. Oy!

Leslie Herbert said...

LOL Love your poem Jen! you are good!

Cheri Pryor said...

lmao!! Sorry for your loss...

splendid said...