February 24, 2009

So in LOVE...

... with my new Blackberry Storm!
This thing can do so many things! I am just looking for that button that cleans the house, goes to the gym for me and catches up on all of my correspondence.
In other news, I realize I have been remiss in giving an update on Jacob and his brain issues. We met with the doctor and have decided to do a little more testing, as his EEG was abnormal. The doctor was not overly concerned, as it has still been less than a year since the surgery. Still, over Spring Break, his brain will be monitored at home. I believe that it will confirm that when he is not in school, he is not thinking of math or spelling.
Thanks for all of the e-mails and calls to check up on him!


Lorna Arlett said...

I'm getting Rob one of these, are you happy with it? hope all is well with the family!

Dianne said...

COOL PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JeanetteS said...

Nothing like a new toy. How exciting!

Am passing along good vibes for Jacob. :)