March 1, 2009

Goodbye, my friend

It is flashback time.

Flashback to 1989, Clarion University of Pennsylvania. The College Years. Going to class, working at McDonalds and Subway, learning how to be a responsible and independent adult.

And drinking just a little.

This blender, also know as one of the dueling blenders, spent its youth immersed in a variety of yummy frozen alcohol drinks. (Strawberry daquiris and frozen mudslides were my favorite.) Then we graduated from college, got married and it moved along to margaritas a few times a year. Along came a baby and my poor blender saw no action but fruit smoothies.

Is it any wonder that this past Friday I came home to what appears to be a suicide? Looks like a bullet hole to me.

So, friends, join me as I mourn the passing of an old friend. Drink an alcoholic concoction in its honor. I would if I could, bud sadly, we were a one blender family.


Korie B. said...

My deepest sympathies on your loss.

When you're ready it might be time to upgrade to a Vitamix!

Louise Maine said...

My condolences on your loss. Bet you are now wishing you had those frozen drinks tubs you left in my freezer?

Jennifer said...

With every ending comes a new beginning... might I suggest the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker? :)