April 26, 2009

Medicine 101

This winter has been hard one me - it seems like I have had a cold for the past four months - or more. Needless to say, medicine has kept me running through it all. Unfortunately, our medicine closet looks like a bomb hit it.

Yesterday, I pulled everything off of the linen closet shelf and from every cupboard and cabinet that was housing all of the little miracle pills and ointments. That was the first step - I think I found it all, although I didn't go into the "pet" bathroom.

Second step - tossing everything that was past the expiration date. No need to keep a bottle of zinc from 1995, although perhaps if I took that more often I wouldn't be sick so much. Here are some other gems:

- tub of medicated pads from the hospital after I had Jacob. I think I have healed now.
- Oozing tube of Preparation H.
- four bottles of Airborne (like the Zinc - too little too late)
- tube of Dave's prescription ointment from his car crash in 1993
And not a single band-aid to be found. Not even a Spider Man one!

So next I sorted all the rest of the finds and ran to Target not once - but twice, for bins. (total expenditure of $250 for totally necessary things for the project like a microwave rice cooker, cute knit skirt and a Ghostbusters T Shirt for Jacob.) I should have asked Dave before I left for some categories, that being what he does for a living at CVS and all.
- Sun Protection
- Cold/Flu
- Pain Relief
- Digestive
- Allergy/Sinus
- First Aid
- Skin Care
- Misc.

I should have taken a before picture, but quite frankly I didn't need one more reason to procrastinate on the project. I am forming a pool for the date I find it all a mess again, with lids tossed to the side and other cabinets full of medications.


JeanetteS said...

Nothing like an organized medicine cabinet. I'm inspired!

Cassandra said...


Carla said...

Hey Jennifer
thanks for your kind comment on my blog. And sorry to hear you have been unwell all winter. Hope Spring will see you better. And as for the medicine cabinet...yours pre-clearout very very very much resembles mine. I think I should go and have a tidy up...

April said...

ok you do get to nominate yourself for mother of the year!

i mean c'mon - labels? i am soooo jealous *and inspired*! i love the fact they are labeled and clear boxes as well- dh seems to not understand the difference between the categories of meds in my home as any cave man wouldn't. ;P

this was just a bad flu year- i was sick from halloween to valentines- no kidding! let's pray for better spring.

Paula... said...

ROFL now that is organised!!! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather over winter. It's the start of winter here tomorrow so I hope there won't be too many dreaded lurgies around the household.

Karen said...

Looks great, Jen!!! I know where to go if I need a little something to get me through...

Cheri Pryor said...

What a fabulous idea...I'm afraid to open my medicine cabinets/drawers/bins/boxes/purses/closets/cubbies. (Get the idea?)

Mo said...

Your meds look so organized and orderly. I love it. I'm secretly turned on by all this order. ROTFL!!! Way to go!!!