May 1, 2009

Desperately Seeking Maid

Know what I wish I had?

Someone to clean up my mess when I finish a layout!! Look at how messy I get - and this was just from doing two simple layouts!!!! Much of it is stuff I didn't even use, just stuff I got out and thought about using.

So, I either need a scrap maid, be less messy, or get past the need to start with a clean table.


Karen said...

LOVE THESE!!!! Jen, I feel the same way. I am the messiest scrapper ever. Glad to see you honoring NSD with some scrappy goodness. :)

P.S. Love the Def Leppard music...FFFFooolin'.

Leslie said...

they look great!

Cheryl said...

Looks pretty much exactly like my desk right now! Love your layouts :)

Mo said...

Ha! When you find a scrapbooking maid, send her my way. I end up ruinging at least one sheet of paper everytime I scrapbook by stepping on it. :O LOVE your layouts!!!!!!!

Paula... said...

I'll go halves in a maid with you!!! My desk looks exactly like this when I finish a project and, like you, I have to start each project with a clean desk - sadly I c an't get past that!!

I love the layouts BTW :) the simple lines and colours of the left one really appeals to me :) Great work Jen.

April said...

awww- they look so sweet even at this age asleep! love your style- it's just enough without being too much.