February 24, 2010

Winter Weather

I am tired of shoveling, and being snowed in, bad roads, and snirt (snow dirt).
(layout <---------- made using the wonderful designs of Libby Weifenbach, and my own winter ignorance)

That said, the massive snowfalls were not all bad. We had a bearable good time stuck at home. We played wii (when we had electric), watched movies, made hard tack and cookies, and did LOTS of sledding. These snow sledding pictures are taken on the road in front of my house... needless to say, we were not driving on it.


Korie B. said...

Great layout! It is totally going into my "scraplift" files!

Leslie said...

I LOVE it when you create Jen!
I am not sure I could handle all that snow though, don't you need some warm weather to come too (hint hint!)
looks like the kids had fun!

Lorna Arlett said...

love the layout!! started to create and do a little blogging, did I tell you? I finally got my D90!