July 12, 2006

Pottery Barn

I think I may be in serious shopping trouble. Pottery Barn has a zillion new things and I want at least $10,000 worth of it. This is just a start for my wish list. Napkin rings perfect for fall and my breakfast room. Lights and wall system for my scrapbook room. Storage system to collect junk that now gets dropped onto the breakfast table or the kitchen counter. I think the people at PB somehow saw my list of things I *need* for the house and created these just for me.

Now, where can I find an extra $10,000 to spend?


Briana said...

LMBO you better start to play the lotto! :)

JENNY B said...

hey Jen-- I can relate! I *heart* pottery barn---- someday I will be able to go on a huge shopping spree there =) love love it all!!!!!!!!