August 9, 2006

Back in the 80s

This is me in Fall 1985, my senior picture, a few years before hair got really big for me. Those layers were my pride and joy. I had begged and begged for my parents to let me cut my hair in this style, and one day Mom finally caved. I can almost see myself standing in front of the mirror, the radio cranking Styx and Journey and Night Ranger. I would spend an hour in front of the mirror perfecting the feathering, trying to get both sides to do the same thing. And the back had to be perfect, too, of course, so I had a system of three mirrors set up. I would walk to the bus stop, protecting my hair, at 7:00 in the morning for that hour bus ride. I never made it to school with the perfect locks still in place, but I still had to do it every morning. And do you remember the banana clips? I had one of those in every color imaginable. Because with my hair pulled back, you could see my huge dangly earrings, of course.

Alot has changed since then, including the 5 minutes I now spend with my hair. I still have that hour ride to work, but I do it at the more decent hour of 9:00, accompanied by a CD of 80s music. And I can't remember the last time I intentionally turned up the collars of my shirt. Thank god.

ps: My 20th class reunion is this weekend, which is the very obvious reason for the stroll down memory lane.


Jennifer said...

Heee. Doesnt' that bring back some memories? You look exactly like every other girl I knew in the 80s. LOL.

laurensmom said...

wonder where are all those bannana clips?
love the photo and it brings back wonderful memories

Di said...


You crack me up.

And to think I missed out on all this popular 80's stuff. I aws busy with toddlers at that point!

And my GOSH - you look just like Jacob!

Libby said...

HA!! I love it, Jen! My 10th reunion is in a couple of weeks... I should dig out my old pics, too.

Karen said...

Oh how funny! I could get my hair to do things one would never think possible. Hairspray works wonders! Have a wonderful time at your reunion...we want details when you get back.