August 10, 2006

Saving the Economy

Meet Becca and Danielle, two teenagers that have almost single handedly saved the Virginia economy. Really, can you see any spare room in the back of my car for more shopping bags? And this was just ONE day – we shopped for two full days. At our last two stops, we couldn’t even open the back door – the bags had to be placed in through the window glass. The only items I purchased the entire day were a huge bell jar and a terra cotta bird for the house and patio. How lame am I? I couldn't even find a purse or pair of shoes that I had to buy.

I have always considered myself to be a marathon shopper – but I think these two may have me beat. I would say Shopfest 2006 was a success, wouldn't you?


Jennifer said...

Looks like it was definitely a success. I only wish I was there to help you find something to buy. :)

Cheryl said...

I concur with Jennifer! I want to come next time!!!

(great song choice!)

Karen said...

Hmmm, that sounds like a challenge. We'll have to get together and try to duplicate this photo. :) Glad you all had a great time. Love the Journey music playing the background, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, she's one of us!!!! It's a gene thing!!