August 14, 2006

Birthday Weekend!

As many of you know, I celebrated a birthday this past weekend on the same day as my 20th HS reunion. Talk about a double whammie to make me realize I am no longer young. Really, I didn't realize it until this past weekend. But here is why I did.

- Jacob took the photo above a few days before my birthday, right after I had my hair cut and highlighted. I used to highlight my hair to be more blonde. Now I see the benefit of coloring to disguise grey hairs. The wrinkles are beginning around my eyes. Just WHO decided that laugh lines are ok? And the extra weight is a killer to get off - I may even resort to *gasp* a gym membership. And don't even get one of those skin analysis machines near my face. Let's just say that baby oil in the 80's was NOT a great idea in retrospect.

- I couldn't handle the smoke in the bar for more than two hours. I reeked and I noticed. Which brings me to the two beers I consumed in four hours. Fifteen years ago, that would not have been the same sentence about consumption of the alcoholic beverage of my choice. But then, I would not have been able to slap down $5.00 for a good beer. And did I mention that I was in bed by 12:30 am? I didn't even last to closing time.

- And lastly, a hostess at a restaurant in Punxsy asked me if I was looking for the reunion of 1966. WTH? Do I really look as though I could be 58?

So, as depressing as all of that may seem, I still don't feel old. I still have to kick myself into believing that I have a witty child, a great husband, a beautiful home and a job full of responsibilities. Somehow, I don't feel old enough to have such a wonderful life.


Jennifer said...

I am totally laughing about the reunion of 1966. I think she has some math issues. LOL. It is hard to remember when we became grown ups, sin't it? You definitely deserve all of the good things in your life. :)

Cheryl said...

Making it past midnight is perfectly respectable.

I can't believe that lady asked you about the reunion of 66 (giggle). And I'm only laughing at the absurdity of her asking you that ;)

That is a gorgeous picture of you!

Di said...

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS you birthday girl, you!!!!!!

I am cracking up at the 1966 thing.... my gosh, were you even ALIVE yet? BWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a funny lady! I read your blog first thing in the morning (don't even remember how I got here) and it cracked me up! When you have such a great outlook and sense of humor age means nothing!
Live on Diva!

HolleW said...

Jen, you look FABULOUS! I am sure you were the best looking hottie at the reunion! I remember thinking 30 was old, now I am thinking 70 is the new "old."

Briana said...

You must be a fellow Leo like me! I'm the 14th birthday! I love the new hair look. Glad you love your life. I feel the same way about ours! :)

Heather said...

ROFL .. . I laughed about that hostess' comment. What was she, 18?

A super happy late birthday to you! (I should never get this behind in blog reading!)