January 15, 2007

Honey-do Conversations

Because he works in retail, Dave frequently has days off in the middle of the week. I love those days because I leave for work, confident that he will fix something in the house or clean a little. So, as I depart for a trip to Kansas City and he has two days off, I hope he remembers this conversation from last week.

Dave: I did something in the house today that is going to make you happy.
Me: Did you steam clean the dining room carpet?
Dave: No.
Me: Did you replace the outlet cover in the living room?
Dave: No. Think kitchen.
Me: Did you get the dead bugs out of the lighting fixture on the ceiling? (ew.. just noticed those the night before)
Dave: No.
Me: Did you de-clog the dishwasher hose?
Dave: No.
Me: Did you fix the squirty faucet?
Dave. No. I should be making a list.
Me: Did you cut down and re-attach the dryer hose?
Dave: No. A hint.... this is something that has been driving you crazy.
Me: A-ha! You cleaned the drip from the inside of the oven's glass.
Dave: Bingo. Jacob, I guess I know what our list is for the next day off.

Poor guy. I guess I just see things with different eyes than he does. I should also point out that I dripped coffee creamer down the front of the oven almost a year ago - it went into a vent hole and was in between the two pieces of glass on the front. Not knowing how to tear apart the door, I have been hanging a towel over the spot. Dave is now my hero.

Here are a few layouts I did while in Pennsylvania. These two photos of Jacob were left over from a little mini album that I made of Father's Day 2003. I am in a style rut, and these two make that obvious.

Only 5 days til Scrap for a Cause and I hope seeing so many other scrappers at once will jog my creative juices!


Jennifer said...

Gosh, can I relate to this?? It's a good thing you noted all of the things he needs to do here because it's likely he has already forgotten. LOL. Awesome layouts btw. Not seeing ar ut here.

Cassandra said...

Oh yeah...hubby in retail...Mid week honey do lists-- I can RELATE!!!! Poor guys never get a true day off! hahah!

aby said...

Love your find of the week! Thanks for sharing.

Jeanette said...

Love those honey-do lists. My hubby is off on Wednesdays so it is always a treat to come home and see what he accomplished during the day.

Enjoy KC and see you Saturday!

Cheryl said...

That is one good looking "rut" you are in girl!

Mary said...

Honey do lists never end, do they? So funny! Love your layouts, btw. :)

Coleen said...

fantastic layouts. Jacob is a natural. Easy to design around his pics. So cute! I really love the dandelion one!

Lorna Arlett said...

great layouts! I haven't scrapped in long time, but you motivated me to! Lorna