February 20, 2007

Boy Birthdays

We have survived yet another boy birthday party. Last year, ten seven year old boys in our house almost had me wishing for a girl. This year, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Jacob wanted to take just a few friends to the movies. I swear I did not influence that decision in any way, right hand up (and the other one behind my back with fingers crossed.) But even with just three boys, I have come to a few more conclusions about boys:

1. Alone, one talkative boy is somewhat cute. When put in a car together, three boys can be heard screaming for miles.
2. Boys scream and shout just to hear themselves above the others.
3. Boys do not care if a movie is sappy, so long as there is a troll and reference to pee-ing somewhere in the movie.
4. Little cupcakes do not mean less sugar. It just means they will want two or three.
5. Little cupcakes fit into boys mouths in one bite.
6. Four boys get as many toys out at one time as ten boys.
7. Heeleys are not good for walking on ice.
8. One boy will have to leave first and the other WILL try to hide him from his mother.
9. One boy will make a face for the camera, and the others will have to prove they can do a better bad face.
10. No matter how loud and crazy boys are, they will look like angels when they finally fall asleep.

Even though most of the weekend was spent on Jacob and his party, I did manage to write a stamping article for Scrapjazz and do the projects for it. Here is a sneek peek! On this one, I used the new whitewash Tintz.


Anonymous said...

Little boys are devine when they are asleep! LOL

Leslie said...

man I thought my Jacob's birthday party was nuts! I am looking forward to your article!

Cheryl said...

1. I concur
2. I concur
3. Potty jokes = good fun
4. I concur
5. Little cupcakes fit in MY mouth in just one bite

LOL! It sounds like J has a wonderful birthday Jen! You are a great mom and I am loving how the whitewash tintz looks!

Mo said...

Sounds like a great boy party. I cannot wait for that article. Are you gonna teach me how to make that butterfly????? :)

Lorna Arlett said...

Sorry we missed Jacobs birthday party this year, I'm sure all the boys had a blast!