March 5, 2007

Good Times

I don't even know where to start describing this past weekend. Myself and eight other scrappers rented a friend's townhouse in Bethany Beach, Delaware. We laughed, we scrapped, we ate, we played, we shopped, we ate some more. The only thing we didn't do was clean up after our families and sleep a full night. This could quickly become a regular event.

We started with a stop at Queen's Ink where I bought this fabulous tool. I miss the store being in Crofton, but I also love that it is larger and at a neat little historic mill that has been made into shops. I bought some little frogs vases at the shabby chic store down the hall... they will hold my art brushes. I also bought some stamps from Hero Arts and some other essentials.

We hit the road to get across the four mile Bay Bridge before darkness descended. White knuckled, but safely across, we stopped at Taco Bell where we met an employee who was just a little too helpful. I dubbed him Vaquero, and we made a note to never stop at that Taco Bell again. (You might want to think again if you decide to stop there. He may still be an employee.) After an exasperating lesson with Delaware road signs, we arrived and unpacked our two tons of food and scrapbook supplies. The other two carloads of friends and supplies arrived a few hours later and we settled in for some fun. Other things of note:

1. Chris knows how to shop for snacks. See pantry picture below.
2. Scrapbook Jenga can be embarrassing and if a video surfaces, I will claim insanity or an evil twin.
3. Nine scrappers decending on a tiny scrapbook store is highly entertaining, but will create a long line. Same thing goes for Starbucks.
4. The new Revolution dies are sharp enough to create a need for band-aids. Lots of them.
5. Neighbors with wireless internet connection are the best kind of neighbor.
6. A lunar eclipse cannot even compete with new patterned paper.

I know I am missing a ton of stuff here, but I must get done with this post before 24 starts! If you ever have a chance to do something like this - you must. For my eight buddies - please do not point out any lopsideness in pictures you may have taken.

ps: I did get stuff done - will probably get those posted later this week.


Cheryl said...

How FUN! I'm so glad you had a good time Jen - sounds like a blast! Oh and that moon picture you took is AMAZING!

Jennie said...

You suck! I told you that you didn't have model permission to post that picture. Just wait the video will be on Utube :)

Korie said...

Ummmm... When did Jennie become a Rastafarian? Remind me not to become friends with you!

I'm lucky enough to have two groups of friends that I go on cabin retreats with. My next outing is in April. I'm counting the days!

Leslie said...

those frog vases are really pretty! you'll have to post a pic of your new ones at your scrap area so I can drool some more!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

Paula Clark said...

What a total blast - I haven't been away for a girls weekend in sooo long :( Now you're making me feel all deprived LOL.

Jeanette said...

How fun. Good quality time with the gals doing something we love to do. I've always wanted to visit the Queens Ink. Must get there soon. And someone sent me a link last night to the binditall. Definitely need one of those!!