March 8, 2007


Jacob informed Dave yesterday that he was going to play turtle. Dave had no idea what he was talking about. Jacob laughed and informed him that he had learned it from me. I plead innocence - I mean, a girl would NEVER teach him that game, right? Fortunately, Jacob either forgot about it by bedtime, or simply had not had enough beans for dinner. Gotta love boys.

Here is the school mini album that I made in a class from Danelle Johnson. Isn't it the cutest? Each page inside has his school photo, a candid and a few details about the school year. This weekend, I plan to sit down with Jacob and "art" a little. He will write in grades pre-K to 2nd to get caught up on this album. Plus, he has a little book about Legoland for which he will be writing the synopsis of the adventure. That is the plan... hope we don't get distracted by something else. Unless it is something really fun or gross like a game of turtle.


Cheryl said...

Your book is lovely...but onto the other thing. You must tell me, in detail, more about this game of turtle. I have 2 little boys (and one big one) that are intrigued.

Very intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Okay I have no idea what the game of Turtle is... and how do you know about it :) LOVE the ablum and the addition of the STAR :)

Have a great weekend.

Paula Clark said...

What a cute little album - I love the number plate design for the cover :)

Leslie said...

that is adorable! what a great project!

Jennifer said...

I am so jealous of your project! Glad you had fun. :)