March 1, 2007

Hello March!

And hopefully a hello to Spring! Last week's snow fulfilled my wish for at least one good snow - now I am ready for green grass and flowers. Who is with me?

Since it is the beginning of the month, I added a new banner and changed the look my the blog a little.

Fonts: Hullunkruunu and AL Uncle Charles
Dingbats: Paddy's
Background paper: ksharonK, Softly Softly
Brushes: Misprinted Type

And in other news - I have been crazy busy at work - getting ready to open registration for our annual conference. And the good news is that as of 8:30 pm last night, 3600 can now register to join me in Kansas City :) What this means to my sanity is that I will not be going mad from the phone calls asking me questions about the conference. Now I will go mad from the phone calls to wrap up the planning and all of the little details. I just wish I was planning a scrapbook convention for 3600 of my closest friends ;)


Wendy Malichio said...

Love your new banner Jenn! I really need to do one too...thanks for the inspiration! That convention sounds huge!

Lorna Arlett said...

I love your new banner! Looks like you had some great snow, we had rain and ice here in DE! yuk!

Samantha said...

I am absolutely, 100% with you on the spring idea!! We had lots of rain today so now we've got that mud and dirty snow thing going - I need green!!!

Cheryl said...

I am with everyone else on the spring thing. Sadly we got more snow last night. I wish you were planning a scrapbook convention too.

Leslie said...

I LOVE that new banner Jen! I am a lover of all things that shamrock banner is right up my alley! St. Patty's is my fave holiday. Love the Irish saying there too.
Happy Spring!

Jennifer said...

I am joining you in hoping for warmer weather. Although, I think our ideas on warmer weather probably differ a bit. :)

Love the new banner and good luck with the conference. I wish it was in San Diego again!