October 10, 2007

Cocoa and Jack

What could possibly be a better time of year for a black cat? Perhaps Cocoa really knows how perfect he looks with the fall decor - he has taken to hanging out with Jack (the pumpkinhead) in the hall foyer of our house.

Cocoa was a present for Christmas in 1994 from me to Dave. I took Dave out for a drive a few weeks before Christmas, telling him that we were going to pick up his Christmas present. I think he was on to me as soon as we pulled in to the animal shelter. By on to me, I think he realized we were really picking up my present. A little fact which he reminded me of when our Christmas tree was toppled twice that year by a little climbing black ball of fluff.

My "baby" cat is now a senior citizen, although you really wouldn't know it by the way he runs and plays. I sure hope that when I am 117, I look, act and feel as good as Cocoa.

Here is a close-up of Jack! I had planned to put out more Fall/Halloween decor this past weekend, but it just didn't feel like fall with the temperature in the high 80's. This weekend should feel more like Fall and I will decorate everywhere (and maybe shop for a little more decor.) Anyone have suggestions?


Leslie Herbert said...

Cocoa is such a gorgeous kitty! Goes perfect with your decor :)
You are inspiring to get some fall decorations out this weekend!

Nancyroo said...

Wow! You are a great decorator! I'm no good at decorating stuff. cute kitty, too!

ashlie said...

Jen, Let me know when you have the Upper Case Party. I want to order one! Would love to see the catalog. (read your post on Jeanettes blog)!


Anonymous said...

Cocoa is a cutie! Love Jack too!