May 17, 2008

Television and Other Muttering

I don't watch a lot of television. Really, I don't.
Last year I got Dave a big TV for the family room. We upgraded to high definition, but it hasn't been working for the last six months. (Apparently, neither of us care enough to call Comcast.)

So this year, I gave Jacob three choices for a birthday present for Dave. He chose a TV for the bedroom, stating his reason. "Daddy really wants a TV, because if there was one up here I wouldn't bug him when he is playing poker." He is all about making others happy.

Fast forward to last night. Upon my return from Tampa, I got to initiate the newest TV by watching cartoons in bed. Now you can see why the problem in my previous post won't get better any time soon. *sigh*

Some other random stuff -

- Bryan Adams has a new CD. Did you know that? He was one of my favorite 80's singers. (and I dated a guy by the same name)
- I spent 9 flippin hours shopping today and purchased one book, two pairs of pants, and three blouses. (Notice there are no shoes in the list - it was hard to focus on clothes with so many cute sandals out there.) The first two hours of my shopping trip don't count as I had not had my coffee.
- I think we need TIVO. On the plane ride back, I watched How I Met Your Mother and was reminded of how VERY funny it is.
- Echo has started attacking me when he is hungry or wants attention. It is very funny to see him leap across the room and wrap his paws around my legs.
- I have two mini books I need to photograph and share. That is on my list for tomorrow with laundry.

Thanks for the advice I received on my last posting! After school lets out, we are going to work on a resolution. I really just think he needs a break from school.

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Leslie said...

oh I love Bryan Adams too! I have several of his songs on my Ipod. Hope you are well. I plan on to keep my eye on your blog while in transit to Italy! Maybe once I get settled I can make my way back to SJ for some good times and inspiration!