May 13, 2008


1603 e-mails received since May 1
1493 e-mails sent since May 1
81 people on the waitlist for registration to my annual convention
2 Billion phone calls (seriously, I have counted)
62 annual chapter reports to validate and tabulate
14 hours overtime in the past week

And then there was some stupid decision to volunteer this past Saturday at the DC 101 Chili Cook-Off in Washington. I was selling beverage tickets to mobs of thirsty people, and we actually ran out of tickets. It became an angry mob with crowds almost breaking down our tent. I had to remind myself several times that it was for the National Kidney Foundation.

So, please don't hate me because I failed to change my monthly banner from April.

I leave you with this plea for advice. The sign below was taped to my bedroom door today. I give him points for begging. But just when is it appropriate to have THE talk with your child about why they can't come sleep in the middle?

ps: Dave did not know he was pinky swearing.


Louise Maine said...

I know you are so busy - add to your list 3 birthdays missed:

Michelle May 6
Mike May 7
Ryan May 11

(Not to make you feel bad). I don't remember Dave's - it is this month right? Hint, hint...

My May is not as bad as yours but teachers are hustling with tons more stuff in September and May. You will make it through.

Love you. (Hey, if you want to come to Valley Forge this year, come talk to me, I have an idea for you.)

Michelle said...

We're having the same issue at my house lately. My son is 8, and wants to sleep in our room quite a bit. Sometimes he comes upstairs and finds the door locked, so we finally had to sit down with him and explain that we need privacy just like he does when he has his buddies come over and play. I told him I wouldn't come sit in his room when he was building legos with his friends, cuz that'd be sooooo uncool. lol We reminded him that the only time we have "alone" is in our room at night. He seemed to understand and respect that. So sometimes he gets up in the morning and announces at breakfast that "mom and dad must have been playing last night because their door was locked again." lol! It's so innocent and cute. :) Good luck!

Leslie Herbert said...

Hey Super Woman! (seriously you are!)

HAAA! LOVE Jacobs note! too cute!

Hope you get to relax soon, you totally deserve it!

Cassandra said...

The pinky swear sign is laugh out loud funny-- one day this is going to either embarrass him or crack him up. Save it for his kids---haha!