August 7, 2008

Two Months

Can you believe it has been two months since Jacob went to the hospital with a brain tumor? I was scrolling through some videos on my phone and found this one, taken at Potomac Hospital on June 4. I caught the tail end of one of Jacob's petit mal seizures. Fortunately, this was one of his last, as they put him on anti seizure medicine almost immediately.

He is still doing really well. He will have an appointment later this month with his new neurologist, and an MRI with his neurosurgeon next month to take a look inside his head. With school starting next month, it will be good to know he has a normal brain instead of the chicken brain he tells everyone they gave him.

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deb said...

Glad he's doing well.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I'm two years off!! Yikes! :)